DOKA CIrcular H-20 Price Reduction

Selling a lot of Circular H-20 Doka Formwork, Has Articulate whaler.
Complete Setup: Wall ties, Turnbuckles and Scaffold Brackets.
Used on Straight and True Radius Walls . Good to Fair Condition.
Sold as IS! $50,000.00 or best offer!!!
5,385 SQFT See attached list of form sizes and hardware.
Item No. Item name
587813000 Circular formwork element H20 2.40×3.00m 27EA
587814000 Circular formwork element H20 2.50×3.00m 18EA
587821000 Circular formwork element H20 2.40×1.20m 20EA
587826000 Circular formwork element H20 2.50×1.20m 38EA
587820000 Circular formwork element H20 2.40x.70m 2EA
587825000 Circular formwork element H20 2.50x.70m 2EA
587830000 Stacking plate for circular formwork H20 176EA
588168000 Framax adjustable clamp 96EA
588169000 Framax multi function clamp 66EA
585530000 Flat Washer 1″ (5X5X3/4) 70EA
585531000 Flat Washer 1 1/4″ (5X5X3/4) 110EA
585542000 She Bolt 1 1/4″ X 24″ 40EA
585549000 Taper Tie 1 1/4″ to 1″ X 60″ 70EA
585632000 Wing Nut 1″ 70EA
585633000 Wing Nut 1 1/4″ 110EA
587806000 Prop Head RD EB 74EA
587808000 Adjustable Clamp 10CM 40EA
587830000 Stacking Plates for Circular H20 176EA
588168000 Framax Adjustable Clamps 66EA
588169000 Framax Multi Function Clamp 66EA
588245500 Prop Shoe EB 44EA
588248500 Adjusting Strut 120 IB 30EA
588250500 Plumbing Struct 540 IB 44EA
588946000 Strut Shoe EB 30EA
580476000 Universal Bracket 90 44EA
Total SQFT 5383.26

Are you willing to:
Break up your set and sell in smaller lots?: No
Load a truck, or hire someone to do so?: Yes
Skid, band and palletize forms to ship?: Yes
Contact Info:
Name: Shawn
Location: 68028
Phone: 402.686.0835
Alternative Phone: 402.686.0835
Email: [email protected]