Concrete Form Exchange will enable you to post an approved used equipment listing and three photos detailing your forms for sale on our web site service. Your listing will remain there for continuous four-week (28 day) intervals until such time as: a) you notify us by email that you have sold, or simply do not wish to have your listing appear any longer, and do not want us to charge your credit card for another four-week interval, or b) We are not able to get approval on your credit card to extend to another four-week interval.

The initial four-week listing fee will be $75, and then $75 for each four-week interval thereafter, unless cancelled.  Your first $75 payment will be charged to your credit card at the time your order is placed.  Your initial four-week listing will not begin until your listing information has been received, reviewed and posted.  Your listing will automatically renew four weeks after the initial posting for $75, and every four weeks thereafter until you notify us of cancellation.

All listing cancellations should be sent to:  Cancellations received after a charge has been made will not result in a refund.  All charges are final.

Used Concrete Form Listings at Concrete Form Exchange may only include the one Used Form Type (refer to for Form Types) you wish to sell. If you have more than one Used Form Type you wish to sell then you will need to sign up and pay for additional, separate listings. 

No other types of construction equipment, or trucks, trailers, cranes, etc. may be included in your Used Form Listing without the consent of The integrity and effectiveness of our service depends upon prospective Used Concrete Form Buyers coming to know that they can visit the Concrete Form Exchange site and easily determine if the forms they need are listed, without having to sift through products other than Used Concrete Forms.

Thank you for listing your Used Concrete Forms at Concrete Form Exchange.